Selection of sandwich 'sliders'; Roast beef with horseradish mayo, smoked salmon with spring onion and caper mayo, tuna salad.

Warm panini's with Ham, brie and pepper jelly,

Mini Pizzas with variety of toppings.

Salads, Dips; Houmous, Taramasalata



Mixed Fresh Fish and Shellfish Steamed  

in a tangy tomato and smoked mussel sauce with rice or pasta 


Bistecca Pizaiola; grilled steak in a tangy tomato sauce with capers and a hint of anchovy 



Thin Sliced Chicken Breast 

with a marsala mushroom cream 


Penne in a Creamy Sauce 

with mixed garden vegetables 



Eastern Mediterranean 


Falafel, Taramasalata, Hummus, Tzatziki, Haloumi Cheese 

with Salads, Tabouli and Pita Bread 



Oriental Style 

Beef & Broccoli in Oyster Sauce with Jasmine Rice 


Shrimp and Vegetables  

with ginger and rice noodles 


Red or Green Thai Curry 

with Chicken, Beef or Shrimp 


Fried Rice or Noodles 

with mixed vegetables and your choice of meat 

Cheese Plate

Selection of fine international cheeses with crackers, fruit and Bermuda pepper Jelly 

Dessert Plate

Selection of fresh Pastry and cake slices, Cookies and various cut Fruit  


We offer Soda's and ice water, we always have on board local swizzle, beers,and wine and we are happy to share one or two [or sometimes three!] complimentary beverages with our guests. If it looks like being a party by all means bring your own, we can chill and serve. 

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Please note, for a cruise with a prepared meal a minimum of  4hrs is required and 48 hours notice must be given. 
All items below are suggestions, please feel free to request a favorite dish.
**For allergies & price range send us an email. 

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